Medford Oregon Marketing Ad Agency


“Social media” is simply a slang term for the internet. Every strong website in 2019 has the ability to share different components the site to your friends, family, colleagues and more!

People then begin to talk, word begins to spread, reputation begins to strengthen, and sales begin to boom. This is the power of social media!

With our proven marketing strategies on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & more, we will help you generate new leads, convert new customers, build brand loyalty and stay in front of the next generation of buyers.

Our Social Media service will include:

  1. Social media marketing

  2. Digital marketing & promoted ads

  3. Social media influencer marketing & management

  4. Social media account management

  5. Social media customer support management

  6. Social media content development


Giant Haus™ is a Creative / Ad Agency based in Medford, Oregon. We specialize in Graphic Design (Web, Ad, Apparel & Product), Photography, Videography, Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media & AdWords), Brand Management & Consulting. We proudly serve & travel throughout Southern Oregon, including Central Point, Grants Pass, Ashland, Phoenix, Talent, Rogue River, Eugene, Portland, and through California and Washington State.

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