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Giant Haus (pronounced Giant House) is a full-service Creative / Ad Agency located in Southern Oregon (Medford, OR). Our goal as a Creative / Ad Agency is help fellow businesses in the Rogue Valley blossom into how they’ve always envisioned themselves. We’re able to accomplish this through strategic digital marketing, rich content creation by some of the BEST photographers & videographers in Rogue Valley, having in-depth conversations with our team - discussing your vision and ultimate goal of your company/brand, implementation of the strongest SEO possible within your website and social media platforms which will put you in front of many more potential customers, which will garner more website views and ultimately increase sales, creating & designing you a brand new website, as well as graphic designing new logos, apparel, signs, banners, business cards or anything else — there’s no limit to what we can design!

We would also love to manage your social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube and run effective advertisements and marketing campaigns, which will generate more leads, convert more potential customers, build a stronger brand and boost sales.

Our #1 priority here at Giant Haus is to see our clients perform at a high-level, and through our vast experience with digital marketing, advertising, graphic design, photography, videography, email marketing, social media management, brand development and much more, we confidently believe we can take your business to the next level. Once you hand us the keys, it’s full throttle all the way.

Southern Oregon has never seen a team like what we currently have at Giant Haus and we’re excited to be a part of a fast growing community! Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass, Phoenix, Talent, White City and so many other surrounding towns in the Rogue Valley & beyond have great businesses, both small and large, and we’re ready to help out and slingshot your company to the promise land.

Rob Tramonte Medford Marketing Ad Agency

Rob Tramonte | CEO & Founder

Rob is a 28-year-old entrepreneur, husband, father of two dogs, graphic designer, marketer and resident of Medford, Oregon for 5+ years. He began his journey of entrepreneurship and business at a very young age of 15 when he launched his own graphic design & apparel company. That company eventually transitioned fully into a clothing brand and successfully ran for 7+ years. Over those 7+ years, Rob was responsible for all graphic design, shipping, PR, marketing and branding efforts.

As years went on, Rob began to create various brands on social media, from comedy accounts, motivational accounts, car accounts and fitness accounts, all which amassed thousands of followers and communities of their own. He grew his personal social media accounts up to a combined follower count of 50,000+ which garner a reach of around 2 million impressions collectively across all social media platforms every month, all with $0 in ad spend. Rob’s strategies and results stem from YEARS of experience in the social media, digital marketing, branding & creative field.

Social Media, Brand Advising and Graphic Design have been a part of Rob’s life for 13+ years now, as well as the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship - this specifically is what separates Giant Haus from most of the other ad & creative agencies in Southern Oregon. Our team knows exactly what it’s like to start from ground zero and work your way up, because we’re just like YOU.

We look forward to working together, having fun together, and most importantly, WINNING TOGETHER!

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