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There’s a lot of hype surrounding the acronym “SEO”, but is it really that important?

Well, yeah. It is.

A strong SEO strategy implementation on your website or social media platform(s) could very well be the difference between you being at the top of the search list, or the bottom, and this plays a HUGE role in brand awareness, website visits and ultimately sales. If people don’t see you, how will they know about you and what you offer?

Our in-house writers & digital marketers here at Giant Haus will collaborate to bring you the strongest SEO possible on your website or social media platform(s) through use of key words, popular terms & phrases your customers are searching for online, creative writing, and other digital marketing tactics, which will dramatically increase the chances that your website, business name, social media, products, articles, blogs and any other aspects of your business to populate toward the top of any popular search lists, such as Google, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.

The stronger your SEO, the more potential customers see you, the more sales you will receive. Pretty sweet if you ask us.

Give us the keys to your platforms today and let’s get more eyes on your business!


Giant Haus™ is a Creative / Ad Agency based in Medford, Oregon. We specialize in Graphic Design (Web, Ad, Apparel & Product), Photography, Videography, Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media & AdWords), Brand Management & Consulting. We proudly serve & travel throughout Southern Oregon, including Central Point, Grants Pass, Ashland, Phoenix, Talent, Rogue River, Eugene, Portland, and through California and Washington State.

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