GRAPHIC DESIGN - LOGO, Packaging, Apparel, ADS.

Graphic design is a necessity when it comes to… everything.

Look around. Everything you see was designed on a computer at some point, and the companies that continue to progress and expand are those who invest into quality graphic design.

Our experienced team of graphic designers & illustrators here at Giant Haus are ready and willing to help you create any type of design you’re after. Whether it’s a new logo, apparel design, a brand new website, advertisement graphics, business cards, signage, or literally anything else, we can make it happen for you!


Giant Haus™ is a Creative / Ad Agency based in Medford, Oregon. We specialize in Graphic Design (Web, Ad, Apparel & Product), Photography, Videography, Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media & AdWords), Brand Management & Consulting. We proudly serve & travel throughout Southern Oregon, including Central Point, Grants Pass, Ashland, Phoenix, Talent, Rogue River, Eugene, Portland, and through California and Washington State.

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